Air Jordan 1 Retro Yin Yang - White/Black/White

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Own a pair of high quality UA air jordan 1 retro yin yang with colorway White/Black/White on and become a super star on the field - always at a great price and with fast delivery.

Code : 555088-102

Base Color : White

Color Way : White/Black/White

Size : 36-45

Brand : Air Jordan

Release Date : 21/08/1818

Please Note : Due to the Coronavirus,the flight now is very limited, all shipments is waiting for warehouse scheduled, the delivery time take longer than before. The tracking number will be update after pick up, it maybe need 6-8 days, hope you can understand.03/03/2021 (Updating)
Air Jordan 1 Retro Yin Yang - White/Black/White 1
Air Jordan 1 Retro Yin Yang - White/Black/White 2
Air Jordan 1 Retro Yin Yang - White/Black/White 3
Air Jordan 1 Retro Yin Yang - White/Black/White 4
Air Jordan 1 Retro Yin Yang - White/Black/White 5
Air Jordan 1 Retro Yin Yang - White/Black/White 6
Air Jordan 1 Retro Yin Yang - White/Black/White 7
Air Jordan 1 Retro Yin Yang - White/Black/White 8
Air Jordan 1 Retro Yin Yang - White/Black/White 9
Air Jordan 1 Retro Yin Yang - White/Black/White 10
Air Jordan 1 Retro Yin Yang - White/Black/White 11
Air Jordan 1 Retro Yin Yang - White/Black/White 12
Air Jordan 1 Retro Yin Yang - White/Black/White 13
How do I find the right size?

For the best result, you need a piece of paper, tape to attach it, a pencil, a pair of socks similar to what you would use in your boots/shoes and a ruler. Then follow the guide below.

Step 1

Put a white piece of paper against the wall on a hard surface. Place your foot so the heel follows the edge of the paper.

Step 1
Step 2

Mark the length of you foot, at the longest point, with a pencil and measure both feet as there may be a difference.

Step 1
Step 3

Then measure the difference from the bottom of the paper to where you have measured both feet and write down the longest length.

Step 1
Step 4

The most precise measurments are when we have measured the boots. When we have done that, it is shown like this.

Step 1
Kids sizes

For childrens football boots we don\'t recommend; as it goes for regular footwear, that you add growth room for up to 1.5 cm, but instead around 0,5 - 1 cm as the size in general needs to fit right away.

Customer Reviews
  • Review by Mya Mitchell

    مرحبا شكرا جزيلا لك. ممتاز.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Marc Fery

    Tolle Schuhe! Schnelle Lieferung !!!

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Roy May

    vyzerajte dobre, cítiť sa skvele, tešiť sa na ne

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Fredy Flores

    جودة جميلة مصنوعة بشكل جيد للغاية وسعيدة جدًا تبلغ من العمر 7 سنوات.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Ashley Beauvais

    ¡ Gracias! Rápido. El producto es de calidad. El joven Ronaldo está feliz.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Robert Saunders

    Absolut fantastisch für meinen kleinen Jungen, er liebt sie, kann es kaum erwarten, bis die Saison beginnt, damit er sie trakegen kann !! Dankegen kann

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Tony Rogers

    brillantei. brillante.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Jorge Pena-Duran

    confortávele in muito feito. pés com precisão real.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Sonia Lutz-Schmidt

    Las mejores y cómodas botas que he comprado para mis hijos. Gracias.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Pierre Dolsie

    لقد اشتريت الأحذية لابني البالغ من العمر تسع سنوات والذي تم اختلاقه معهم ولم أستطع الانتظار للانضمام إلى فريق أقل من عشرات الذي يلعب معه حتى يتمكن من التباهي بها.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Andrew Potter

    Mein Sohn liebt sie.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Steven Howlett

    Cítite SA, akoby STE nemali topánku Na nohe, A ktorá poskytuje nohe potrebnú ochranu. Najlepšie topánky, aké the SOM Si kedy kúpil!

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Robert Molina

    Quality boot, comfortable and look really good boom.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Christine Barnes

    Seleção muito melhor para o meu filho, pois proporciona um conforto de comprimento do dedo na frente do sapato. Recomendação a todos para que aumentem o calçado dos seus filhos para lhes dar conforto na ponta dos péos dar conforto na ponta dos

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Dimitri Ruskoff

    Vynikajúco sa hodí pre moju dcéru, ktorá má široké chodidlá. Sú pohodlné a držia sa dobre.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Chris Slinger

    good product, highly recommended my boys love it.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by David Welle

    Mein Sohn liebte diese Stiefel, bequem und auch in Tollen Farben.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Patrick Wright

    ¡ Excelentes botas a mi chico le encantaron! ¡ Gran combinación de colores y personalización!

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Reinhard Leder

    Fast delivery, Suqing らしい products. 私の息子はこれらの Bootsが大好きでした.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Mike Budzisz


    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Noah Clark

    Przyjechali dobrze. Chociaż dużym opóźnieniem Z, oczywiście Z Tego, CO.'s wszyscy wiemy. Wyglądają Na dobrą jakość, stosunek Ceny JEST bardzo Dobry. Miejmy nadzieję, że przetrwają Na Czas.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Rolando Leone

    IGEN Inga klagomål från pojken Kan INTE säga längre än ATT du förutom på vänster startpersonalisering saknade Nummer 8. The

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Cedric Domitin

    Skvelé topánky pokračujú v dobrej práci A nič nezmenia.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Kevin Carey

    Great quality and very stylish. The fit is perfect.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Yury Tsekhanovskiy

    Mia figlia adora queste scarpe perché si distinguono e sono comode. Può giocarci tutto il giorno.

    (Posted on 7/21/2020)

  • Review by Louis Tambour

    Skvělé BOTY. Již zakoupeno ..

    (Posted on 7/15/2020)

  • Review by Rocco Agatiello

    مريح وخفيف الوزن وتد عالي الجودة.

    (Posted on 7/3/2020)

  • Review by Cheryl Houtz

    Ils sont doux, mais ils reposent bien sur la jambe.

    (Posted on 6/6/2020)

  • Review by Alaric Alvarado

    men Jag ä om jag.. jag. storlek 6,0 men jag behöver storlek 6,5

    (Posted on 5/13/2020)

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