Converse All Star - Red/White/Black

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Code : 101010

Base Color : No

Color Way : Red/White/Black

Size : 35-44

Brand : Converse

Release Date : 27/03/1818

Please Note : Due to the Coronavirus,the flight now is very limited, all shipments is waiting for warehouse scheduled, the delivery time take longer than before. The tracking number will be update after pick up, it maybe need 6-8 days, hope you can understand.17/05/2021 (Updating)
Converse All Star - Red/White/Black 1
Converse All Star - Red/White/Black 2
Converse All Star - Red/White/Black 3
Converse All Star - Red/White/Black 4
Converse All Star - Red/White/Black 5
Converse All Star - Red/White/Black 6
Converse All Star - Red/White/Black 7
Converse All Star - Red/White/Black 8
Converse All Star - Red/White/Black 9
Converse All Star - Red/White/Black 10
How do I find the right size?

For the best result, you need a piece of paper, tape to attach it, a pencil, a pair of socks similar to what you would use in your boots/shoes and a ruler. Then follow the guide below.

Step 1

Put a white piece of paper against the wall on a hard surface. Place your foot so the heel follows the edge of the paper.

Step 1
Step 2

Mark the length of you foot, at the longest point, with a pencil and measure both feet as there may be a difference.

Step 1
Step 3

Then measure the difference from the bottom of the paper to where you have measured both feet and write down the longest length.

Step 1
Step 4

The most precise measurments are when we have measured the boots. When we have done that, it is shown like this.

Step 1
Kids sizes

For childrens football boots we don\'t recommend; as it goes for regular footwear, that you add growth room for up to 1.5 cm, but instead around 0,5 - 1 cm as the size in general needs to fit right away.

Customer Reviews
  • Review by Jamica Jackson


    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Rachel Kendra

    ذهبت حوالي 20 يومًا إلى كراسنودار. أحذية رياضية جيدة ، جلد ، كما في الوصف. صحيح أن البائع نصح بحجم اتخاذ أكثر ، لدي 39 ، كان ذلك ممكنًا. ولكن ما زلت اقتربت للتو ، كل شيء يناسب بإحكام. لم أحاول ذلك بعد.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Guillermo Pena

    PREFECT mein Enkel war sehr zufrieden mit seinen Stiefeln und ich würde sie schser empfehlen.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Lan Le

    Eles parecem ótimos. Eu tenho um 44 e eu tenho um 45 . Eles me fizeram crescer. Eu recomendo ouvir a escultura.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Christina Schafer

    彼が绝対にそれらを爱している私の息子のために持ってきました。Very に快宜でvery によくできており、High quality のブランドに還運されています。

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Holly Stieff

    łkzyłany Ānák Āmóje mojemu synowi-móje kocha. je zakłada.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Cody Acker

    Miluji Ten pocit a to, jak pohodlné je prostě krásné.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Tommy Wilson

    Rýchle prijatie.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Esko Eric

    Enfant de 6 ans ravi de ses nouvelles bottes et la personnalisation a bien fonctionné. Bottes confortables et

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Justin Sessions

    Min son är mycket speciell med vad han lägger på fötterna. Han måste npelar bekväm. Han måste npelar bekväm stövlar ger honom exakt vad han letar efter!

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Stephanie Corriveau

    息子のために买いました. 彼が私に言ったことから、彼らは快身です。そして私のOpinionでは、それらは見栄えがよく、优れた质量のものです。もう一度买います.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Aaron Martinez

    لون جميل نابض بالحياة ومثالي. مادة الحذاء متينة حقًا.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Joi Martin

    Echt goed EN Het IS ALS the EEN foto Bed & Breakfast.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Tuan Anh Tran

    Geweldige laarzen, zoon houdt van ze, speelde er geweldig in, hij zou het ten zeerste aanbevelen.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Nathan Turner

    See 栄えがよく、完璧にフィットします. この产品の购入を强くお勧めします.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Cole Randall

    Älskar hur sneakeren kramar fotleden. Dessutom skoens komfort.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Jim Campbellji

    heel goed, ik zal opnieuw kopen en ik adviseer mijn vrienden. bedankt

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Chris Desomer


    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Paulette Blunt


    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Sven Kanitz

    Zoon houdt van laarzen die perfect passen en van hoge kwaliteit zijn en niet meer wegglijden.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Thomas Wickham

    Great comfort. Good combination of the colors, one of my favorites.great performance.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Steven Eastley

    ¡ Mi hija siempre ha tenido problemas para encontrar una bota con la que se sienta cómoda para jugar! Ahora ella tiene !!!!

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Boyan Stoynev

    My boy loves them!

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Vivian Bonelly

    BRA, the SOM annonserat.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Liar Liar

    Vyzerajte veľmi elegantne, môj SYN ICH miluje A ZA TIE peniaze stojí.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Marieke Penterman

    Nostro figlio di dieci anni adora questi stival fantastico e si adatta molto bene.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Russell Rappel Schmid

    Ideal buts, the little one is happy to play. Thank you for fast delivery and quality 5 sender.

    (Posted on 7/25/2020)

  • Review by Robert Paulo

    Das Produkt ist bequem, gute Qualität für das Geld.

    (Posted on 7/24/2020)

  • Review by Courtney Farris

    Comee in foto. ve arrement.

    (Posted on 7/24/2020)

  • Review by Andi Dehan

    إنها تستحق الثمن ، ويمكن أن ترتديها طوال اليوم وتكون مريحة.

    (Posted on 7/22/2020)

  • Review by Michael Landry

    Livraison rapide, ils ont l'air géniaux et donnent confiance à mon fils. Idéal pour le contrôle et la prise de vue.

    (Posted on 7/10/2020)

  • Review by Deanna Wildfong

    Dostał je dla mojego syna je zu zu pi to jłe Narod, si pi to jaklu .

    (Posted on 6/25/2020)

  • Review by Tim Wilkins

    Skvělý materiál, dobře podepřený, dobře zabalený. Nyní jen debut. Velmi dobře. Stejný popis a zmínka, která je pohodlná.

    (Posted on 6/15/2020)

  • Review by Andrew Corrieri

    Bel paio di stivali da bambino, vestibilit robust .

    (Posted on 5/20/2020)

  • Review by Paul Miles

    They look and feel good quality.

    (Posted on 5/10/2020)

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